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Caldo Verde - Kale soup















A very light ,simple and elegant kale soup made with a potato and onion based broth, a generous drizzle or two of olive oil and a fine chiffonade of flat leaf galega kale or collards and garnished with sautéed thin slices of chouriço sausage.


Sopa de Cenoura - Carrot Soup















This pureed soup of carrot and potato give this vitamin A and potassium rich soup an excellent healthy choice for an elegant first course.  Passing it through a fine sieve or chinois gives it an extra light mouth feel.


Sopa de Feijão- Bean Soup

The most basic of Portuguese bean  based soup can be substantial or light depending on what you add to it. This meat free version, perfect for vegetarians  is infused with garlic and cilantro, olive oil and an optional small amount of kale.  Red or white kidney beans can be used.  Though meat free, it never stop cooks from tossing in a small chunk or two of spicy sausage to the pot.


Sopa de Vegetais - Vegetable soup
















An Assortment of root vegetables, onion, green beans simmer with a touch of fresh tomato and garlic and additional  ingredients  in a pot, cooked until tender and then pureed provide a generous amount of vegetables in a flavorful way.






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Photos of Portuguese dishes provided by: Feligenio Medeiros


Portuguese dish descriptions provided by:  Ana Patuleia Ortins author of "Authentic Portuguese Cooking"