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Dessert - Sobremesa



Pasteis de Nata / Custard Pastries

Creamy custard filling is nestled in a flaky puff pastry crust baked then topped

  with a dusting of cinnamon or for a special treat, while still warm, add a drizzle

  or two of the Portuguese Beirao liquor over the top.
















 Flan / Egg Custard

  Egg-rich custard baked in a caramel lined pan that when inverted  created the

  perfect sauce to this custard.

















Chocolate Salame - Paio de Chocolate -




Arroz Doce - Rice Pudim








Photos of Portuguese dishes provided by: Feligenio Medeiros


Portuguese dish descriptions provided by:  Ana Patuleia Ortins author of "Authentic Portuguese Cooking" and  Portuguese Homestyle Cooking